On the 2011-2015 6.7L Power Stroke, the H&S product will return to stock with your EXACT calibration that was originally on the vehicle. Because of this, and because Ford is constantly updating their calibration database (430 individual calibrations for the 11-15 6.7L Power Stroke at the time of this post), you may experience a message saying "unrecognized part number" on your H&S device. This thread serves as a solution to bypass this error message.

Here are the steps:

Write down the exact error that the H&S product gives you. It will look something like "DC20BMF.MM"

Remove the SD card from your H&S product and insert it into a computer.

For 2011-2012 model year trucks, open the folder "FORD67". For 2013-2014 models open "FORD13" and for 2015 choose FORD15 folder.

Reference your error message written down previously and note the first 4 digits of the file name. Your device is telling you that we do not recognize the particular OEM calibration that is on your vehicle. The H&S is simply looking for that exact file name on the SD card, and then tuning will proceed. Match up the first 4 digits of your error message with the first 4 digits of any other file on the SD Card. There will be MULTIPLE files that match the first 4 digits, use ANY of them.

BC20xxx = 2011 ECM
BC33xxx = 2011 TCM
CC20xxx = 2012 ECM
CC33xxx = 2012 TCM
DC20xxx = 2013 ECM
DC33xxx = 2013 TCM
EC20xxx = 2014 ECM
EC20xxx = 2014 TCM

Once you have selected a file that matches on the first 4 digits, make a copy of that file.

Paste that copy into the same directory and rename that copy as the EXACT file name that your H&S gives in the error message. For instance, if my error message stated "Unrecognized part number DC20BMF.MM", I would rename the previously made copy of any "DC20xxx.MM" file as "DC20BMF.MM".

Once the file is correctly named on the SD card, the H&S product will allow you to proceed with tuning. If you get another error message, your TCM file is likely unrecognized also (BC33xxx, CC33xxx, DC33xxx, EC33xxx).

Proceed with the same steps above to rename a file already on the SD card to match your error message.

Other Error Codes

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